Where is your Egypt?

As we start this new year, we can remain hopeful because God is going to do great things in us in 2022. But hope based on assumptions — and not on Christ — can become our greatest disappointments. That’s why it’s important to live by what you know, not by what you feel. And what do we know? That God is a good, good Father. But the new year doesn’t always mean easy sailing. We have to make a choice to stay motivated to move forward — not take steps back or give up — when we experience setbacks (Exodus 1:6-10). When there’s a future God has for us, our family, our future, our careers, our finances, etc., but when we hit opposition we might start to doubt (Numbers 14:1-3Deuteronomy 8:11-18). When we focus on the ugliness of our present, it blinds us from recognizing God’s promises for the future; when we are disappointed with what is, we crave what once was. This means asking “what” and not “why” because when we ask “why,” we’re left with more questions than answers (Numbers 14:27-34). While life might be unfair, our God is not. There is danger when we let our emotions take control, so we must let God take the lead and trust (Numbers 14:6-9Proverbs 16:9Deuteronomy 8:2-4).

Points To Ponder
  1. 1) How can I remain hopeful in 2022?
  2. 2) What do I do when I experience setbacks? What should I be doing?
  3. 3) Am I letting God take the lead in my life? If not, why am I having a hard time surrendering?