When You Take God at His Word

Sunday, September 26, 2021

What we believe in matters less than what we actually do about it. It’s one thing to believe in doing the right thing, but that doesn’t always translate into the way we live and how we act (Genesis 15:6). We can believe in God without believing God and taking Him at His Word. Merely believing in God makes us religious, but believing God and His character makes us step out in faith (James 2:14-19). Faith then is not just something that we have; it’s something that we actively live out. It’s why our lives need to reflect the light, love and grace of Christ (James 2:20-28). Fear of the unknown can keep us paralyzed and prevent us from stepping out in faith. But when we rely on God and choose to find healing in Him, He walks with us through it all. We want to encourage you to choose faith over fear!

Points To Ponder
1) Where does my faith lie? Or, rather, in whom does my faith lie?
2) What next step is God asking me to take? What action step of faith is He putting         on my heart?
3) What is holding me back from stepping out in faith?