We've Never Been This Tired Before

Sunday, April 24, 2022

We are living in unprecedented times, and though we’ve survived much (especially in recent years), we haven’t walked this specific way before. Or, maybe we are walking on a path with no end in sight, and over the course of days, weeks, months or years, we’ve grown tired and weary. Our persistent efforts sometimes fail to produce what we expect them to in our careers, families, finances, relationships and marriages, and when that happens time and time again we sink into a deep soul weariness that shakes us to our core. No matter how much work we put in or how hard we try, whatever it is that we want so badly doesn’t always come together, and it can lead us to wonder if it’s even worth it. The hardest part is that we cannot simply use positivity and brute force to resolve weariness, and the enemy knows this. It’s why he uses it as a tactic to wear us down where he cannot take us out. We want to encourage you to not allow negative thoughts of weariness to keep you settled where you’re currently at — God has so much more planned for you (Galatians 6:9). The where, when and how don’t matter when we remember that we serve a good God who calls us friend. We are least efficient for Christ when we give up, and he gives us encouragement to persevere (Isaiah 40:28-31), and waiting is an integral part of that process. However, it’s not just passively waiting for God to move. Rather, He calls to actively wait, to be expectant and hopeful (Psalm 40:1).

Points To Ponder1)  In what area of my life am I waiting for God?
2)  If I’m being honest, how does that make me feel? What emotions am I experiencing at this time?
3)  Instead of becoming weary during this period, how can I hopefully and expectantly wait?