Change is good when it takes us to where God wants us to be. The process by which we get there, though, can be messy and difficult. Through those transitional trials, maturity is molded. However, there might by times in this process that we feel forgotten and discouraged (Genesis 39:6-14). But, don’t forget that there is purpose in everything God does. Your success at the end of the journey is dependent upon how you mature in your faith during the transition. God is trying to do a work in the messy middle, and when we walk away from it, we miss the miracle (Genesis 50:19-21). The storms are never meant to be the destination; they aren’t sent to master us, they’re sent to mature us. So, in those stressful seasons, remain humble, hungry and smart (Titus 3:1-2). Never underestimate the power of humility and always be hungry for God and His best. Don’t turn away from the things God has already said. Being smart isn’t always about the head knowledge. Rather, it’s about the execution of that knowledge (Joshua 1:8-9). When you’re in a season of transition, God’s Word is always there for you so don’t be discouraged (James 1:22-25).

Points To Ponder
  1. Am I going through a messy middle right now? If so, how am I reacting to the process?
  2. How is God changing me through this journey?
  3. How can I stay encouraged during the transitions and seasons of change?