Proof Positive

Sunday, March 19, 2023

It’s easy to get caught up in worry and desire signs that prove God can do what He says he will do — and miracles that show He is who He says He is. God has the authority over all things, yet how quickly we forget what He has already done for us (Mark 8:17-21). We question God if our prayers aren’t answered when we want and in the way we want them answered. But when we doubt Jesus’ authority as Messiah, we miss the deeper meaning of His words and miracles (Mark 8:11-13Mark 8:27-33). Despite all the doubts we have and imperfections we live with, we are still called to be His disciples. We are proof positive of His authority as Messiah to an unbelieving world (Mark 8:34). What we do flows out of who we are, so when we deny ourselves and take up our crosses daily, we demonstrate (not just declare) that Jesus is Messiah. Only then can we fully follow Him and appreciate the grace God has for us (Mark 8:35-38).

Points To Ponder

1) How many times have I questioned God and His motives?
2) What has God already done in my life?
3) Am I living the life of a disciple and following Jesus?