Power and Purpose - Blessed are the Meek

God blesses those who are meek, humble and gentle (Matthew 5:5). No matter where you are in life, meekness is a trait that showcases the heart of God, while self-importance and arrogance make for a miserable life. The idea of power is linked to strength and pride, but meekness is not weakness; it’s power under control. Power under control shines in the way we love others, speak to others and interact with others (Psalm 37:7-11). The meek are those who choose to trust in the Lord even when things seem uncertain or unjust. He’s always in control! God has given us power, influence and authority to benefit those around us. We can choose to have a longer fuse and not get so easily upset (James 1:19-20). By losing our need to be right and in control, we can gain self-control by surrendering to the Holy Spirit (Matthew 11:28-30).

Points To Ponder
1) How can I have a heart that’s meek?
2) In what area of my life do I need to trust God?
3) What is preventing me from surrendering to the Holy Spirit?