Lights, Camera, Faith!

We can experience the blessings of God when we do what He says instead of just hearing it; we all need eyes that gaze at the Word of God rather than merely glancing at it. (James 1:22-25). The Bible acts as a mirror that reveals our own image, not anyone else’s (James 1:19-21). It shows us what we’re supposed to do (Matthew 7:24-27James 2:14-24). Furthermore, God’s Word never falters and acts as a guide for us to make sure we’re on the right path (Psalm 1:1-3James 1:172 Timothy 3:16-17). He invites us to read His Word, reflect and then respond accordingly.

Points To Ponder

1) While reading through the Word, what lesson is God trying to teach me? How can I respond to that prompting?
2) What am I using to guide my life?
3) Am I in the habit of reading God’s Word? How can I get more into the habit?