Jesus Sets Us Free

Sunday, February 26, 2023

There might be times in life when it feels like you’re stuck, like things are never going to get better (Luke 4:18-19Mark 5:1-5). When we’re stuck in cycles of helplessness, there is hope because in the middle of our mess, Jesus meets us where we’re at (Mark 5:6-10). When we feel overpowered, we can turn to His power (Mark 5:15-29). Our desperation should draw us to Jesus, who speaks life and truth over us even when we define ourselves as broken and hopeless (Mark 5:30-34). He can bring healing to our hearts and restoration to our souls when we keep on pursuing Him and believe (James 4:7-10Mark 5:35-43).

Points To Ponder
1) Do I feel stuck in life? What is making me feel that way?
2) Am I letting fear guide my life? How can I let faith guide me instead?
3) Is my heart willing to draw near to Jesus during hard times, as well as good?