Jesus Gathers the Crowd

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Why do we gather in large crowds?  Whether they be for large sporting events, concerts, celebrations or major events people gather in droves.  Some of these things are life-affirming as we come together with like-minded people for similar purposes, but are they necessarily life-changing?  The Gospel of Mark tells us of the people who came to experience Jesus—the disciples and the large crowds (Mark 3:7-8).  People came from all over to come and see Jesus for help and healing.  Yet, do we just come to Jesus for a life-affirming relationship or a life-changing relationship (Mark 3:10-12Luke 10:17-20)?  Which begs the question: do we come to Jesus for what he can do or just for who he is?  Jesus wants more for you and I than to just feel better & move towards a life-changing relationship with him by calling us (Mark 3:13).  Our job is to respond to Jesus’ call to be in a restored relationship with God & to have the desire to just be with Jesus.  This is all because Jesus desires to be with each one of us (John 17:6-9).  This week, rather than just calling on Jesus to do something for you, may we develop a life-changing by responding to his call by being a blessing to God and others.

Points To Ponder
1. Is your relationship with Jesus more life-affirming or life-changing?
2. Do you desire to just be with Jesus?
3. How will you respond to Jesus’ call on your life?