It’s Time: Commit, Don’t Quit

Doing God’s works isn’t easy all the time, and no great work can be accomplished without commitment. Sometimes, there are people, situations and even our own internal monologues that come up against us, because the things of God will always bring on the enemies of God (Nehemiah 4:1-3). The opposition we experience might look like blatant interruptions, or they might appear as minor distractions that keep us from the path we’re supposed to be on (Nehemiah 4:6-12). Falling away from the journey is part of life. To get back on track and recommit, we need to pay attention to the areas in our lives that are easily infiltrated and support each other in doing so (Nehemiah 4:13Galatians 6:2). Thankfully, we serve a God who loves to rebuild things, people and relationships better than they were before. It’s never too late to recommit to what God has for us, and we’re never too far where He can’t reach us (Nehemiah 4:14, 19-20).

Points To Ponder
1) How can I be committed to what God has for me?
2) What is the “why” behind my desire to change (my relationships, attitude, etc.)?
3) Who is part of my godly “support system” helping me to recommit to God’s plan?