Generous Together

Where stinginess and selfishness run rampant, Christians have an opportunity to have generous hearts that give graciously to others. And while being generous isn’t often something that comes naturally to us — it takes true intentionality — but it’s also how Christ lived and wants us to live (Acts 2:42-47). Our hearts naturally give to the areas that are the most important to us, whether it be our family, job, friends or hobbies — so, how important is God? He doesn’t necessarily want our money, time or talents, but He does want the heart in which we give of those things (Matthew 6:19-241 Timothy 6:10). In the same way, we should show generosity to others because it reflects the heart of Christ for His children (John 3:16). Instead of focusing on what we can get out of people, events or situations, we should build up a spirit of generosity by asking how we can instead give or help in those circumstances (Acts 20:35). Being generous in whatever way we can floods us with a renewed sense of purpose and makes us more like Christ.

Points To Ponder
1) What is an area of my life in which I’m a little stingier with my time, talents or money?
2) Who can I show generosity to this week? What would that generosity look like?
3) Why do I find it hard to be generous with others (family, friends, co-workers, strangers, etc.)?