Fresh Evangelism

Sunday, August 28, 2022

We all have ideas of what evangelism is, and while the picture in our head might be intimidating, Jesus tells us there’s a better way (Matthew 4:18-19). Christ intended for His followers to be “net fishermen,” those who are part of a community of capable Christians meeting people where they’re at and loving them (Matthew 4:20-21). When we are bold and reach out to the others, we can start to build relationships. And our boldness extends to our lives, our testimonies, which serve as living proof of God’s grace. Our lights should shine so bright that others see Christ in our lives, our families, our work, our relationships, and we aren’t called to judge or criticize. Rather, the Spirit of God does the work, and all we have to do is love like Jesus does. We can trust that the Lord will do the work that only He can do when His time is right!

Points To Ponder

1) How does being a “net fisherman” differ from being an “angler fisherman”?
2) Who has God put on my heart to pray for and love on today?
3) Does my life look different to others (my marriage, work ethic, attitude)?