Despite our Differences

God has so much in store for us, but we often let the ambient issues of society block our view. There is so much power in being created in the image of God, and we can’t allow distractions to prevent us from pursuing His best (Psalm 19:1-4John 14:12-14). When we feel the presence of God, it’s easy to leave all that we know to follow Him. When we allow distractions to blind us to what it means to be a child of God, we are disconnected from the One who made us and feel unworthy of His presence. The “we” of the body of Christ can be better when Christians see the value in the “me” (Psalm 8:3-6Psalm 139:13-18). Even when we disqualify/devalue ourselves and think we don’t have a place in the body of Christ, we can remember the fact that God knew us before we were born and made us in His image. Without the foundation of Christ at the center of our lives, we lose focus of who we are, and insecurity causes us to find solace in people who are like us or situations that make us feel secure. But the heart of Jesus isn’t to make others assimilate to our ways or to change to fit in with society. Rather, He wants His children to imitate His ways so those around us can see the love of God.

Points To Ponder
1) What does it mean to be created in God’s image?
2) What is distracting me from His calling on my life?
3) Where in my life am I assimilating? What steps can I take to instead imitate God’s ways to those around me?