Busy Hands vs. Prepared Hearts

Busyness eliminates the margins in our lives, but preparation takes place in those margins of our lives. That’s why we cannot let busyness steal the joy of life’s greatest gift. Sometimes, achievement looks more appealing than taking our time to be prepared (Luke 3:4-5). Part of being prepared is making sure we a heart of authenticity (Luke 3:7-9). When we encounter others, we should come across as people who are trustworthy and genuine. It’s letting our guard down and being honest with how Christ has transformed our lives. Indeed, if God can use someone like us, God can use anybody (1 Corinthians 1:26-29). In a world run by appearances and greed, God loves us even when we don’t live up to society’s standards. God loves the real us, and He encourages us to share that authenticity with others (Matthew 23:25-27). When we’re real, we can prepare others to experience God’s greatness. During this holiday season, instead of being busy and distracted, let’s focus on being real.

Points To Ponder
  1. Do I consider myself busy? How does that impact the margins of my life?
  2. Am I authentic in front of others?
  3. What things have been distracting me lately?