Bringing Our Best

Sunday, July 10, 2022

God created us with unique abilities that can make a Kingdom difference. But if we don’t know who we truly are, we can’t know what we have to offer to the body of Christ. The “me” is not defined by what we do, nor is it tied to our accolades, family history or who we know. The “me” that matters is who the Father says we are (Ephesians 1:4-6). God calls people to contribute in ways they already know how, and our mission field is where we are right now in our jobs, families, communities and friend groups. We have to embrace our calling wherever God has placed us (Matthew 5:161 Chronicles 29:1-5). In life, we go through the stages of survival, stability and significance — and the end goal is to reach significance. Most of us stay in the stability stage, but Christians are meant to live lives of significance, where we give of the “me” to God. The enemy wants us to believe that what we do doesn’t matter or that we aren’t good enough. But when we give the Lord all that we have and are, we step into our God-given calling.

Points To Ponder
1) How can I use my talents/abilities for the Kingdom of God?
2) What/where are my mission fields on Earth?
3) What would it mean for me to live a meaningful life?