Pray for Ukraine

1. Pray against any chemical or nuclear attack. Russian soldiers are handing out gas masks to their people. Pray every plan of enemy would be sabotaged, as in Joshua 10:10, may the enemy be confused and fearful and retreat. Pray that the enemy’s schemes would backfire on themselves, Psalm 37:14-15

2. Pray that America and NATO would intervene, as well as Japan and Australia and the other nations that had guaranteed Ukraine security protection in return for it surrendering nuclear weapons. Pray for a no fly zone. Pray that the calculus of the West would change and their eyes would be awaken to Gods strategy and will. Hosea 6:6, Genesis 12:3

3. Pray supernatural strength for the Ukrainian soldiers who are going without food or sleep. Pray for ministering angels to strengthen them and hold up their hands for the battle. 1 King 19

4. Pray for the anointing of Gideon over Ukraine’s president, for supernatural insight, boldness and protection, including over his family & advisors. Decree the covenant protection and blessing of Israel because of the president’s Jewish heritage. Judges 6-7, Isaiah 54:17

5. Pray for the hidden schemes of the enemy not only against Ukraine but against Israel and Taiwan to come to light and be exposed. Luke 12:2-3

6. Bind the spirit of antichrist and release the spirit of salvation and revelation truth over Ukraine and the nations,  Isaiah 61, Psalm 122:6. 

7. Pray to strengthen Russian Christians and intercessors. Pray for protection as they protest Putin and come into agreement with their prayers. Matthew 18:20. Pray that they and the church worldwide would be awakened to pray for God’s will. Romans 8:26-27

8. Pray that borders would remain open for refugees and supplies. That all forms of aid would arrive swiftly and without delay, Daniel 9:19. Bless the neighboring countries of Poland and Romania for opening their borders. Psalm 70:5

9. Pray that the war would end swiftly with minimal casualties. Decree Gods will for revival for Ukraine. Psalm 27, Psalm 46

10. Pray for no fear, as fear permits the enemy, for the border area, Ukraine and bordering countries. Send angels to the border. Psalm 125