Too Busy to Be Blessed

The holidays are a busy time of year, but we’re not designed to be stretched so thin — even though hustle culture tells us otherwise. It’s hard to remember God’s presence when we’re so wrapped up in everything around us, and when we become overly busy, we start to neglect the important parts of our lives (health, relationships, spirituality, etc.). We can’t love others and hear God’s voice when we’re going too fast. The enemy comes to distract us with things that might seem important at face value, but really aren’t. This causes us to be discouraged, disillusioned and disengaged. In fact, busyness can cause us to be the worst versions of ourselves, and it can cause us to miss the very blessing God has in store for us. But there’s hope; and we can choose better (Luke 10:39-42). God can use those who are ready and willing, but if we’re bogged down by busyness that doesn’t leave much room for Him (Luke 2:8-20). To combat the tyranny of the urgent, we can put first things first, do more with less and take the time to slow down.

Points To Ponder
1) What is the most important thing I need to do today/this week? Who/what has God placed on my heart?
2) What is God telling me to say no/yes to this season?
3) How can I bless others with my presence in the week leading up to Christmas?