How to live a GREAT life

Sunday, June 05, 2022

If we take an honest look at our faith, we’ll see that there are doubts littering the belief we try to have. And that’s OK. God doesn’t expect perfect faith. Rather, He asks for a humble heart that admits it needs Him — a heart that’s willing to be led — which gives Him room to move in amazing ways (John 10:10). Because even our best cannot guarantee the future, and we are left with feelings of stress, worry and anxiety (Mark 9:14-16). The tricky part comes when we have unmet expectations (Mark 9:17-18). We are all guilty of believing that if we do/plan A, B and C, the outcome we desire will happen — but that only means we are taking things into our own hands and putting our focus on the wrong thing. When things don’t look like they are getting better, when we’re waiting on God for a miracle that seemingly never comes, when it feels like when we surrender to God and things get harder — it’s so easy to get frustrated and discouraged (Mark 9:19-22). We wonder if God is really there, if He cares, if He’s able to help us, and in those moments, it feels like our faith dwindles to be replaced by unbelief. But even in the face of doubt and skepticism, we must rest in the promise that everything is possible for those who believe (Mark 9:23James 1:2-4Matthew 11:2-6). When we finally stop allowing our present to define God’s presence, He can move freely within us. God tells us to watch and see what He will do. Are we willing to trust and listen (Matthew 13:14-16)?

1) What do I do when my expectations are shattered?
2) What do I believe that God can do?
3) What are some unmet expectations that I have? How do I shed those and make room for what God wants to do?