Don't Give Up

We can all agree that sometimes life just isn't fair. We can do everything "right," but there are still times when life's circumstances seem unjust. But, even when God doesn't seem to make sense, it's important to remain faithful anyway. Often, it's in the process of that faithfulness that we hit a wall — whether that be depression, anxiety, fear, sin or guilt — but if we stay the course, we can expect something great. When you hit that wall, you can react with faith or fear. Fear sees God through each of your problems; and faith is when you see God first, seeing Him before all of your problems (Hebrews 11:30). Faith is standing in the midst of belief and unbelief, and acting only on the belief — walking by faith means taking a step, no matter how tentative or unsure. We want an unequivocal roadmap to God's blessing, and He lays it out in His Word. We continually pray for something — healing, restoration, forgiveness, an answer — but nothing happens (John 6:2-5). In those moments of seeming disappointment, it's easy to let enthusiasm turn to skepticism. During these times, God allows us to struggle because in that process, we have the chance to trust Him even deeper (John 6:20).

Whatever Jericho Wall you are facing, stay faithful, even if what God has instructed you doesn’t make sense. Know what He has already promised and fully surrender to God, being willing to trust for the battle belongs to the Lord (Joshua 5:13-15Ephesians 6:12).

Points To Ponder
1.  What in my life is making me say or think "It’s not fair?"
2.  How can I start walking by faith instead of fear?
3.  What area of my life am I trying to control? Will I let God take control instead?