When Seasons Change

At the start of the new year and with so much potential, it’s natural to wonder where we’re headed next. As life constantly changes — personally, economically, physically, culturally, etc. — we must prepare ourselves for what is coming up (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). How we adjust to change will determine whether we move onto the next season of our lives or stay in the same place. However, it’s rare that we’re ever really ready for change, especially when it’s painful or the outcome is uncertain. Regardless of how we react, God has a purpose for every change (Proverbs 3:5-6). Often, we resist change because we don’t like to struggle, but we must remember that our present is never our permanent. We try to rush through seasons of discomfort and in the process make hasty decisions to prevent strife. However, it’s better to resist the urge to make permanent decisions based on a temporary circumstance. God’s desire is to love us for eternity, and His love is the only thing that doesn’t change. We must cling to what is unchanging (Jeremiah 29:10-13) and focus on what He will do through us in the midst of our trying circumstances (Jeremiah 31:1-4James 1:17).

Points To Ponder
  1. How do I tend to handle change when it arises?
  2. Am I faced with making a big decision, and is it based on temporary circumstances?
  3. How will I act and what choices will I make during this current season that I’m in?