The First Faithful Step

We will never fully realize all the good that’s waiting for us on the other side if we don’t have faith and take that first step. However, when looking at the journey, we might feel like we’ll never get there and lose hope. There are so many things that need to happen first, before we can experience God’s best. Obedience to the process leads to the promise, and sometimes it starts with waiting (Joshua 3:1-2). We want the blessings of God but we struggle with His timing, but waiting has a purpose. Waiting allows God to lead us to the promise (Joshua 3:2-5Isaiah 59:1-2). God can only work with what we give Him, which is why that first step is so important. When we take that leap of faith and are willing to risk our comforts, He can do amazing things (Joshua 3:7-16).

Points To Ponder
1)  What first step of faith is God asking me to take?
2)  Am I in a period of waiting? What am I waiting for?
3)  How am I handling the waiting period?