Don't Have Enough? God can turn your little into much!

What we believe affects what we do (Mark 6:1-6), and when we believe that God is working for our good, we can also trust that He will provide no matter the circumstances. Sometimes, we get offended when our prayers are not answered in our time or we see others getting what we want; resentment starts to breed in our hearts, and when that happens, we cannot see the miracles or power of God. In the same way, we get offended when we feel others have wronged us, but He tells us to choose grace over unforgiveness. Grace doesn’t come naturally, but surrendering our hearts to God allows Him to change us from the inside out (Mark 6:19-20Matthew 15:8-9). This means that when it feels like we can’t do things on our own — when we're exhausted and it seems impossible — God invites us to give Him the little energy and emotional capacity we have. When we are faithful with what God has given (even if it seems minuscule), we can then watch God faithfully provide the rest (Mark 6:35-44).

Points To Ponder
1) Am I offended with anyone (God, family, friends, coworkers, etc.)? How can I let go of that offense and surrender it to God? 2) Who is God calling me to show grace to this week? How will I do that?
3) What talents and resources has God blessed me with? How can I be faithful with those gifts?