Sunday Service – By Faith

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Join us this Sunday – Message series “By Faith: Living with Courage in a World Full of Fear

We are living in uncertain times.  While many thought that the COVID pandemic would have subsided, numbers rise again. Schools are reopening but are facing the reluctant reality of masks, social distancing and division over vaccine mandates.  Emergency programs like rent-relief and eviction moratoriums are ending, and businesses that are open are having a hard time finding good workers to ensure the growing demand that is returning.  The welcome financial reemergence of tourism brings with it busyness that had not been seen even pre-pandemic.  Worst of all, the division that is happening not only in the community at large, but even within the church surrounding opinions about the vaccine threaten to further force people to opposite ends of the playing field.  Fear and frustration reign.  But it is FAITH that is most needed in a time such as this.  How should God’s people live with courage in a world full of fear?  By FAITH!



Sep 05 2021


8:00 am - 12:00 pm